Mexican Laws in English




1. Description of our subscription service

MEXICANLAWS provides an annual subscription service that contains up to date bilingual versions (Original Spanish/English translation) of Laws, Regulations, Standards, Decrees, Agreements and Circulars for Health and Safety, Environment, Human resources, Environmental Health. We monitor all legislative changes and update and translate all modifications and new legislation as it is issued.  The subscription has more than 380 documents at the moment, the amount of documents changes every week.  The materials available can be personalized and we can translate and include internal procedures and programs of the client.

1)  Our service provides only Mexican legislation and does not include International or foreign legislation. We can add documents to the site as requested by the client for an additional fee. 

2) We have all current legislation issued by the Mexican government included in the scope of the subscription package.

3) All relevant Laws, Regulations, Agreements, and Standards included (NOMs) (NMXs)

4) We can personalize the Internet web site for the client with any documents that the client wishes to add. We can provide translations to English or Spanish of any client documents, manuals, procedures and programs.


Service content and service list

CONTENT: On request we can provide you with a complete list of the current content. There are more than 380 documents currently included. Content is added every week and all Laws, Regulations and Standards (NOMs) are updated with any modifications or reforms.

RENEWAL: We email immediately all designated personnel of every reform, modification, update or change in the Mexican legislation included in our subscription package. These notifications include a link to download the document with a password.

In our notifications of new and updated legislation we describe the changes in the law and their effects. In all documents that are reformed or modified, we clearly identify each modification with the date it was modified. We are a law firm and offer consultation and assessment for the documents we provide.


Subscribers have access online to our subscription web site www.mexdeluxe.com  with a user name and password and can view the documents online or download PDF files.


Technical elements


Our service includes all current legislation in the following areas

Environmental Impact - Yes

Environmental Laws, Regulations and NOMs - Yes

Environmental Health - Yes

Occupational Health and Safety - Yes

Emissions - Yes

Waste management - Yes

Marine -Yes

Biodiversity -Yes

Energy - Yes

Labor, Social Security, Civil Protection Yes

Health and Safety all current Mexican Standards - Yes

Industrial Property - Yes

Copyright Law Yes

Metrology - Yes

Also included but not limited:

National Waters, Federal Penal Code, Environmental Responsibility, Genetically Modified Organisms, Geothermal Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Audits, Noise Emission, Ecological Planning and Organization, Recording of Emissions and Transfer of Contaminants, Protected Natural Areas, General administrative provisions that establish the Guidelines for the establishment, implementation and authorization of the Systems of Administration for Industrial Safety Management, Operational Safety and Environmental Protection applicable to the activities of the Hydrocarbons Sector that are indicated.     

Legislation to be considered:

All Mexican legislation is included within the stated scope and more.

We do not include International legislation, however, we can quote and include any International legislation in English and Spanish requested by the client.


4. Additional relevant documents

All information provided is in accordance with the relevant requirements of the client. We will evaluate all requests for additional documents and those within the scope of the Legal Register will be added.

2. We email all designated personnel by email with all reforms, modifications or new legislation with download links, as they are published in the DOF.

3. We provide a complete list of laws and regulations for the petroleum industry in Mexico. All documents are up to date and we provide updates when changes are published in the DOF.

4. Subscribers have access with a user name and password to view documents online or download them as PDF files.

All documents are bilingual (original Spanish/English translation).

Additional services that we provide:

          Translation of any internal documents, emails, letters, etc.

          We have developed an audit protocol for Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental compliance.

          We are attorneys with experience in lawsuits, labor lawsuits, environmental defense and the application and renewal of permits and authorizations.

          We can constitute a new corporation or organization.

          We can watch for specific legislation and report any changes to you

          We perform Health and Safety and Environmental audits.

          Lic. Glenn Louis McBride is an STPS certified instructor and provides online and in person training in English or Spanish for Labor law, Health and Safety and Environmental compliance.


Glenn Louis McBride Withenshaw 
Mexican Attorney 


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