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Legal Services - Lic. Glenn Louis McBride, the CEO of Mexicanlaws studied Mexican law at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and is a licensed Mexican attorney - there are 2 full time attorneys on staff - to advise you and assist you with legal matters in Mexico.


  Legal Consulting - Do you have a legal problem or question about legal matters? 
  Incorporation - Do you want to set up a Mexican corporation or you have questions about incorporating in Mexico? We can set up your corporation, obtain your tax ID, apply for your import/export  program anywhere in Mexico. 

Have you been told that it takes months to set up a corporation in Mexico?  We guarantee it in days or you don't pay.

  • We can set up your Mexican corporation and obtain your Tax ID in 5 days.
  • We can obtain your Visa to work and live in Mexico - 5 days.
  • We can register you with Social Security, apply for your import/export program and have you up and running in a matter of days.
  Trademark Registration in Mexico - Do you want to protect your trademark, logo and intellectual property in Mexico?  We can register your trademark and logo or patent and you do not even have to go to Mexico.
  Immigration to Mexico - We can obtain your Visa to work and live in Mexico - 5 days.
  Research - We can research your problem or concerns. We can help you with all your research and information needs related to Mexican legislation.