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NOM-010-STPS-2014, Contaminating chemical agents in the work environment Inspection, evaluation and control.
Published in the DOF April 28, 2014 takes effect April 28, 2016


On April 28, 2014 the new health and safety Standard,  "NOM-010-STPS-2014, Contaminating chemical agents in the work environment Inspection, evaluation and control," was published in the DOF - it took effect April 28, 2016.

The reason for the 2 year period before the standard took effect was to give companies time to meet the requirements of the new Standard. Most of the companies I have visited in the last few months are not prepared and now that the Standard has taken effect, they are not compliant and they are liable for fines of 50 -100 times the daily minimum wage  per employee. The daily minimum wage is $73.04 pesos. That means a liability of fines of up to $400 USD per employee.

Several of my clients have asked me to explain the difference between the old Standard NOM-010-STPS-1999 and the new Standard NOM-010-STPS-2014, so I have prepared a simple comparison to clarify the issue.

Please feel free to ask  any questions you may have about this new Standard -

 Lic. Glenn Louis McBride   - glenn@mexicanlaws.net



NOM-010-STPS-1999  VS.  NOM-010-STPS-2014

Let's start by comparing the Indices of the 2 standards.


         The new chapter 8 was originally part of the obligations of the Employer. This study was required in the NOM-010-STPS-1999 - it is a study of the Exposure of workers to chemical substances. The study was required before but now has different criteria and was based on the limits in the old standard; your study based on the old Standard  is not compliant




1. Objective

1. Objective

2. Field of application

2. Field of application

3. References

3. References

4. Definitions

4. Definitions

4.2 Units

5. Units of measure

5. Obligations of the employer

6.  Obligations of the employer

6. Obligations of the workers

7.  Obligations of the occupationally exposed personnel


8.  Study of the contaminating chemical agents of the labor environment

7. Examination

9.  Inspection

8. Evaluation

10. Evaluation

9. Control

11. Control


12.  Oversight to health


13.  Qualification

10. Units of verification, and testing laboratories

14.  Units of Verification

15.  Testing laboratories


16.  Procedure for the evaluation of conformity


17. Updating of Appendix I

11. Oversight

18.  Oversight

12. Concordance

19. Bibliography

13. Bibliography

20. Concordance with international standards

14. Transitional articles

Transitional articles

Appendix I Maximum permissible limits of exposure

Appendix I Threshold limit values of contaminating chemical substances in the labor environment


Appendix II Code of hazards of the chemical substances and their description


Guide A (Non-mandatory) Example for the calculation of the threshold limit values to contaminating mixtures in the labor environment.

Appendix II Procedures for the determination of chemical substances in the labor environment*


Appendix III Reports of units of verification and testing laboratory reports


Reference Guide A


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